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You'll actually save money buying our Magnetic Water Conditioning System!

Magnetic Water Conditioning System
  Magnetic Water Treatment
Is your home suffering from hard water problems? Our Magnetic Water Conditioner will create an unlimited supply of magnetic water which will feel somewhat like "soft water" but more importantly, our system will stop calcium and lime scale from building up in your pipes from hard water. You'll actually save money buying our Magnetic Water Conditioning System.
Unless you paid out $1,200 to $1,500 dollars for a salt exchange water softening system or ordered a costly monthly service, those who live in hard water areas have been forced to wage a constant war against their hard water problem. Not anymore!

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  Benefit of your Investment

You now know about magnetic water treatment. The main benefit of our system is that it is an investment, rather than an expense. You install our system and forget it. Instead of a monthly expense, you enjoy a monthly savings in reduced water heating costs and longer appliance life. We've been selling our $198.00 magnetic water conditioner for 15 years now with a money back guarantee. If our product didn't work, we wouldn't be selling these a year, let alone 15 years now. Why pay more?

NEW!! Click here to view our Better Business Bureau Reliability Report. You'll see you can buy from us in total confidence. As we mentioned before, if our product didn't work, the BBB would have a much different report on us and we wouldn't be in business anymore. Instead, we have a A+ rating with no complaints.

Magnetic Water Conditioning System  
  Say Good-bye to...

High Dental bills! This Report proves it reduces plaque
Water Heaters burning out their elements
Decreased water pressure due to mineral deposits
Scale or spots on glassware, silverware and your car
Crust rings forming in your toilet tanks
Heavy white deposits on shower heads and faucets
Hard to remove soap scum on shower tiles and doors
Appliances failing before their time
Elevated levels of sodium in your diet
Only $198.00 for 3 Units!
Buy Now

  Facts of Hard Water

Basically, water moves through the earth dissolving minerals, holding them in solution as salts, consisting mainly of calcium and magnesium. Most of these salts eventually deposit themselves as scale in your pipes, water heaters and other appliances which use water. Scale build-up is the result of a natural crystallization process which is accelerated by heating. The energy loss of trying to heat water through scale is substantial. A one-half inch thick layer of scale in your water heater will retard heat transfer by up to 70%! That's costing you money and a good reason why you should be interested in Purchasing our Product.

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