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You'll actually save money buying our Magnetic Water Conditioning System!

Magnetic Water Conditioning System
  Why delay? Order today!
Most houses require three units for proper operation. Two units placed on the pipe coming into your house and one unit on the pipe leading out from the hot water tank as a booster. This installation is for copper or PVC pipes 1" or less. Larger pipes require more units. The basic rule is add one additional unit per inch of pipe.

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Zenith Design - Prices 75% lower than any other designer on the Net Guaranteed!

Total Cost for three units: $198.00 (INCLUDING shipping!) -- less than 20 percent of what a traditional water softening system would cost which is an ongoing expense in energy, time and maintenance.

If you prefer, you can order your system with Paypal

If you need extra units (most don't) because of larger pipes, use the following Paypal link also.

You install our system and forget it. Instead of a monthly expense, you enjoy a monthly savings in reduced water heating costs and longer appliance life.

We guarantee your satisfaction!

  Say Good-bye to...

� High Dental bills! This Report proves it reduces plaque
� Water Heaters burning out their elements
� Decreased water pressure due to mineral deposits
� Scale or spots on glassware, silverware and your car
� Crust rings forming in your toilet tanks
� Heavy white deposits on shower heads and faucets
� Hard to remove soap scum on shower tiles and doors
� Appliances failing before their time
� Elevated levels of sodium in your diet
Only $198.00 for 3 Units!

  Our Shipping Policy

Basically, if we receive your order by noon (mountain time) we can ship the same day if we have systems in stock which is most of the time. Sometimes we may be waiting for production, but the delay in seven years of doing this has never been longer than ten days with most back orders going out within seven days. Either way, after you place your order, you should see a note thanking you for your order and then another e-mail telling you your order has shipped or when we expect to ship your order. That should happen within 24 hours. If your order is back ordered, we will also send you another e-mail advising that your order has shipped when it does so you know your order is on the way. Our shipping costs cover U.S. Mail ground costs in the USA. If you would like your order overnighted or have other special shipping needs, please make a notation on the order form in the "other comments" box and we'll supply you with additional costs.

Thank you very much for your order.

We know you'll be pleased with your purchase. We're honored to have 15 years of happy clients.

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